On the Road to Financial Freedom: Catching up with Francesca

Catching up with one of our Brand Ambassadors, Francesca Brooke-Fenton! We caught up with one of our Brand Ambassadors, Francesca, currently working in marketing and promotion for various brands, as well as modelling with Fashion Fiesta. She’s been a Portify user for almost a year now, and Francesca is…


Top Tips to Save Money During the Holidays

Keeping your purse happy and healthy during the holiday season The Holidays are fast approaching, and we at Portify are sure that many of you can’t wait to take some time to rest, recharge, spend some time with your loved ones - and dig in to some quality food!…


Mind over Mortgage: Credit scores and Your Mortgage

How your credit score affects getting your first mortgage. On last week’s Portify blog post, we talked about the fundamentals on everything to do with mortgages. This week, we’ll be talking about how your credit score affects your mortgage rates, as well as practical steps you can take to…

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Mind over Mortgage: Saving for your first home

Practical steps to save for your first home. With house prices increasing steadily since the turn of the millennium, the big house with a white picket fence and garden seems to be hurtling further and further away for the average UK adult. However, the desire to take out a…

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Credit Scores: Explained

Loans. Whether it’s to invest in a qualification or equipment, or to cover a big unforeseen cost, sometimes you need credit to make it happen As someone with an irregular income, it’s hard to build a credit score because you work for yourself or have varying earnings month on…

Open Banking: Explained
Open banking explained

Open Banking: Explained

You may have heard of a few new names recently in the world of finance and banking, which aim to help manage your finances better through using ‘Open Banking’ But what exactly is Open Banking, and how can it help you as a flexible worker? What does Open Banking…


Pension Options When You’re Self Employed

For those earning a flexible income, there are different ways to save for retirement beyond what traditional employers offer ️ Since pensions are long-term savings accounts, you should expect to wait until you’re at least 55 to access your money. As an independent worker, you may want to think…


Planning For Retirement

A personal pension is a type of savings plan to help you save money for retirement ✨✨✨ For self-employed workers with a variable income, it’s important to start saving into a pension as soon as possible. Even if it’s not by much, workers can always increase their contributions when…


Developing Your Side Income

Do you want to make some extra money in your spare time? Online platforms make it easy to find freelance gigs to earn some extra income. We’ve put together a few options here Becoming a driver. Working for platforms like Deliveroo, Stuart, UberEats and Hermes may help you boost…

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