Reflecting on the last three years, what I’m most proud of is the team we’ve built, and the social impact we make together each day. 

Not long ago we were two founders working in an abandoned school building scheduled for demolition. As we grew, I learnt that one of the most rewarding feelings you get as a founder comes from having your vision challenged and improved on with each world class hire you make. 

While our impact has grown exponentially, our focus has remained steadfast over these three years. 

We are building the inclusive financial system of the future. No matter who you are and how you earn, if you’re hard working and determined, we offer a fintech app to help you achieve your dreams.

In the current climate, our mission is more important than ever. Our members face new, unforeseen challenges on the path to their dreams. 

We recently spoke to a tech freelancer who lost her largest client, and now resells on eBay to make ends meet. Another member is having to use his gig economy courrier earnings to pay rent and utilities, instead of saving for retirement. 

Over the last few months we’ve done all we can to support them. We’ve offered flexible payment extensions and 0% interest advances on government grants. 

Beyond the immediate liquidity crunch, we know many new challenges will emerge. In fact, we expect demand for our services to rapidly grow as economic volatility rises. 

I’m driven by being at the forefront of solving these challenges together with an incredible team. Three years in, our commitment to our social mission is steadfast, as the potential impact our services can have continues to grow.

It’s a privilege to be in this position, and as a team we will work hard to make the most of it. 

Thank you to our members, team, investors and friends for taking a bet on us. I am grateful to be given an opportunity to work together on a mission of growing social importance.

– Sho Sugihara


Lauren Robson is the digital communications manager at Portify.

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