Moving to the United Kingdom can be a complicated process, and we’re not just talking about dealing with the UK Visas & Immigration Department (UKVI). Did you know that your credit score from your home country will not travel with you when moving to the UK? No matter how good or bad your credit score is in your home country you should be prepared to start fresh with a new credit file when immigrating to the UK. Learn more about why credit is so important in the UK and how to begin building your file.

Does my Credit History Transfer When Moving to the UK?

If you’re considering moving to the UK from abroad, you likely won’t have a credit report or any credit history when you arrive – and if you do, it might not have much in it. Even if your credit score in your home country is excellent, your credit score and report can’t transfer across – and this means that you’ll have to start from scratch.

Check out these resources to help you establish credit in the UK when moving from abroad:

Does my Debt Follow me When Moving to the UK?

Although your credit score will not follow you when moving to the United Kingdom, your debt from foreign countries can. It’s true that foreign banks and lenders will not have as much power when you move to the UK, but they still have a right to collect what is owed to them.

It’s best to be forthcoming with the companies you owe money to. Explain to them that you’re moving abroad, supply a forwarding address, and continue regular negotiation. Remember that several banks and debt collection firms operate internationally and may be able to track you down and open communication with you after moving to the UK.

Tips to Prepare Before Moving to the UK From Abroad

  • Find a place to live and show proof of address.
  • Update your resume and start applying for employment before you move.
  • Apply for a National Insurance number and card.
  • Apply for an EHIC card.
  • Make sure to consult the UK Gov visa process and allow plenty of time for approval.

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Lauren Robson is the digital communications manager at Portify.
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