It has been an extraordinary few weeks as our world faces historic challenges with the growing Coronavirus pandemic. Even with the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the need for social distancing, many of us are still looking for ways to make side hustle income remotely. Whilst your safety is our priority, we know how much COVID-19 may be hitting your finances severely. 

Here are our tips on how to continue your side hustle

Figure out your remote skills

The first step to an effective remote side hustle is figuring out skills that you can monetise online. We’ve written a whole blog post here on some of the most popular side hustles in 2020. We’ve narrowed those skills and focused on ones you can use at home.

  • Writing: Do you have a way with words? Writing can offer up a whole host of opportunities to earn some extra income from the comfort of your home. From ghost-writing, copy-writing and more, writing could be an extremely profitable way for you to earn money remotely. Medium is a great way to start building your portfolio and monetise quickly and self-publishing on Amazon is now easier than ever.
  • Content production: Fancy yourself a Youtuber, content producer or editor? Big brands and smaller companies are paying big bucks for content. Perhaps this is the year you finally take a step into the online content-creation world as a remote side hustler.
  • Online tutoring: If you are a qualified teacher or have strong knowledge in a specific area, consider online coaching or tutoring as a remote side hustle. This can be easily done via webcam on your laptop or via camera through a smartphone through platforms like Skype, and organisations like Education First
  • Selling old items: It may require using the Post Office or a courier, but selling your gently used items online can be an effective way to make money. Consider listing items on Amazon, Ebay or Etsy to clear up your closet and earn some extra cash on the side.
  • Chat moderation: Interested in contributing to the safety of thousands on the internet? Why not become a chat moderator? No need for a commute to the office – all that is needed is an internet connection and a computer. A great platform to start this with is Cloudworkers.

Use platforms to side hustle for remote work

When starting as a side hustler, it may be easier and faster to use a platform to source your first few clients.. Here are some of our top platforms for side-hustlers and freelancers:

  • Fiverr: Fiverr is an online marketplace which advertises tasks and services needed by clients across the world. If you are looking to test remote work, give Fiverr a try and see if you can build up a list of regular clients.
  • Upwork: Similarly, to Fiverr, Upwork is a platform which allows freelancers to connect with budding clients.
  • Cloudworkers: If you are interested in joining the world of chat moderation, one of our favourite platforms for this is Cloudworkers. Not only is this remote work, you are given the flexibility to choose your working hours, and regular training to ensure that you have the opportunity to grow.  

Maximise remote technology

Technology is a great way to make the most of your side hustle, from obtaining clients, speaking to clients and arranging your work. Here are some of the free/ affordable tools you may want to make use of as you work remotely.

  • Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts: Zoom and Skype are both platforms which allow you to schedule video meetings across the world remotely. The only prerequisites are a stable internet connection, a microphone (which can be built into your laptop or phone) and a camera. Then you’ll pretty much be good to meet virtually with clients from your side hustle where necessary.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: If you are a designer, or if you are looking to create your brand, investing in the Adobe package which gives you access to Photoshop, Dreamweaver and more can help boost your brand aesthetically, as well as help you with more creative side projects remotely.
  • Microsoft Office: Looking for a cheap way to track your budget and expenditure, create invoices and new documents? Basic, simple and to the point – make sure you have access to Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

There you have our guide to side-hustling remotely! Wishing you and your families all the best during this time, and please do take precautions as suggested by the following reputable government sources:

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