Catching up with one of our Brand Ambassadors, Francesca Brooke-Fenton!

We caught up with one of our Brand Ambassadors, Francesca, currently working in marketing and promotion for various brands, as well as modelling with Fashion Fiesta. She’s been a Portify user for almost a year now, and Francesca is a very passionate advocate for mental health.

1) What are you working on right now?

“I have previously been involved with a charity called Bethany smile for children with terminal illnesses. I was also a model in Fashion Fiesta, an organisation which supports various charitable causes. This year, Fashion Fiesta took place on 28th November in support of Lee Fancourt Mental Health Fund and Teenage Cancer Trust.

I’ve recently self-referred myself to Live well Leeds which celebrates women feeling good together to start her road to recovery. I think it is important to normalise mental health issues. ‘It’s okay not to be okay’ she stresses and works tirelessly in fundraising efforts and activism to facilitate this.”

2) Why do you use Portify?

“The quizzes! I watch out for them every day! It’s a great way to build on my financial knowledge and I try to complete them as soon as they open.

I also use the cash flow features and Flex Finance to manage track my expenditure, and I find it useful to have the ability to manage my multiple income streams.”

3) What are you saving up for right now?

“I’ve just opened my Help to Buy account and have now started saving up for her mortgage deposit. I’m excited as I’ve wanted to start buying a home for a long time – and now I have!

Holiday! I’m planning to have a great 35th birthday in 2020, in none other than the famous Ibiza! I’ve always wanted to take her friends and family to another country, and has recently been able to start saving towards my landmark 35th birthday.”

4) If you had a million pounds, what would you spend it on?

“Sounds cheesy, but I want to buy a house for my mum. I’m a really family-orientated person. I want to make sure my mum is settled with full ownership of her house.

5) Where can we follow and support Francesca?

You can follow Francesca Instagram: @francescabrookefenton

You can add her on LinkedIn at: Francesca Brooke-Fenton

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