Many people find it difficult to budget, minimise their expenses, and maximise their finances. They have become so set in a particular pattern, or shopping at a particular store, that they don’t realize they’re spending a fortune on basic essentials – even when that doesn’t need to be the case.

At Portify, we want to give you the keys to your financial success by making sure you have as much information at your disposal when trying to cut down on your costs. Looking to save money on food, clothes, and gadgets?

Never fear – we’ve got you.

Here are our top spots to shop at and minimize your basic essential costs.

Food and General Groceries

  • Aldi: If you haven’t had the delight of shopping at Aldi, you are really missing out. Regularly named as one of the cheapest supermarkets in past years, Aldi is one of the heavyweight contenders when it comes to saving on your supermarket spend. The price gap, on average, on a weekly shop was a whopping £9.79. Saving £9.79 per week averages out to just over £234 in six months – extra savings that could go towards your savings or some of your bills.
  • Sainsbury’s: Named as Which’s cheapest supermarket of 2019, shopping at Sainsbury’s can surprisingly save you money when shopping for basic essentials. The consumer group tracked the prices of 53 branded items like Andrex toilet roll and Weetabix cereal over the year, and Sainsbury’s came out on top ahead of Tesco, Morrisons and more. If you’re wedded to branded items, it seems Sainsbury’s is your best bet to save a few pounds.

Essentials, Electronics, and Gadgets

  • Amazon: The online titan is still a great place to buy all your basic essential electronics, boasting thousands of sellers at affordable prices. And if you are willing to pay the subscription fee, you could be receiving your goods in as little as a day.
  • eBay: Another popular online retailer and marketplace, Ebay is a great place to source some of your electronic gadgets and gizmos for a fraction of the retail price. If you’re looking to purchase a kindle, a camera for family gatherings, or any other piece of hi-tech equipment, Ebay may be one of your best bets. And, the best thing about Ebay is the ability to bid on some items – in some cases, you can bid for items at a surprisingly much lower range than retail prices.


  • Primark: Who doesn’t love buying basic clothes at an affordable price? Primark is chief of all clothing stores when it comes to affordability. From the fancy dinner dates to basic home wear, Primark has it all and with an affordable price tag. For your next shopping trip, see if you can get things a little cheaper by heading to Primark.
  • Local Markets: More than just places to find inexpensive trinkets and a few bits and pieces, your local market often boasts some great savings when it comes to clothing. Try wading into the world of markets the next time you are in a city center and take advantage of the great bargains.

There you have it. That is our guide for saving money on basic essentials.

If you are looking for other tips on maximising your income, take a look at our budgeting guides, where we review the the three most popular budgeting techniques: 1) the Piggy-Backing technique; 2) The 50/30/20 method; 3) Zero Based Budget.

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