Happy 2019! We’ve put together a few tips to help you save money this year.


1. Set a savings goal

You can use the Portify app to set monthly savings targets.

Knowing what you are saving for can give you the motivation to stick to it.

Whatever it may be, having a tangible goal in mind will help you be more targeted.

2. Make it fun

If you’re looking for a simple approach, try out the 1p saving challenge. Save 1p today, 2p tomorrow and add 1p each day.

If you do this for the whole year, you can end up with £667.95! Here, your biggest saving per day would be £3.65 on your final day!

3. Track your spending

Portify allows you to track what you’re spending on and can highlight areas where you’re being excessive.

You might notice areas that your treating yourself a bit too often. Try being a bit more disciplined by keeping track through the app.

4. Discounts are your best friend

It’s a good idea to have loyalty cards – Sainsbury’s Nectar, Tesco’s Clubcard and Boots Advantage Card are particularly good.

Although, it’s important to only use discounts and coupons on things you would normally buy.

Many online stores offer a code if you sign up for their email address or refer someone else. It’s worth a quick Google before purchasing.

Portify offers discounted gift cards at a number of retailers so be sure to check them regularly to see if you could be saving even more.

5. Become smarter with your bills

The Portify app allows you to track exactly how much you’re spending and where. If you see yourself spending too much on specific bills, here are ideas that might help:

  • Energy: Make sure your current provider is giving you the best deal. Switching energy suppliers can also save you hundreds of pounds in energy bills. Use accredited sites like ‘Ofgem’ to help you find the best deal in your area and provide a free switching service.
  • Travel costs: Fuel can be saved in several ways – not driving too fast, using less air conditioning, not letting your tyres go flat, smoothing out your acceleration and breaking and getting your car or bike serviced when its due.
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