Flex Finance at Portify means a financial safety net of up to £150 in interest-free loans that you have complete control over. Flex Finance means that you can choose a repayment schedule that works for you. A Flex Finance loan means you can change how much you want to pay back and when. Flex finance is also described as flexible loans.

What are flexible loans?

Flexible loans in the UK are loans which allow you to withdraw a certain amount of money up to a specific limit, as and when you need it. Flexible loans are especially useful if you are unsure how much you need. With most flexible loans in the UK you are only charged based on what you withdraw. These loans are also called Flex loans or Flex credit. 

Some flexible loans have features that let you overpay, so you can repay the amount borrowed quicker. Some allow early repayments, where you pay off the remaining balance of your loan entirely, whilst others charge a fee for this. Flexible loan providers also allow payment holidays. Payment holidays mean you take a break from repayments for a specific amount of time. You will still be charged interest in the balance during a payment holiday.

What is Flex Finance?

Flex Finance is a flexible loan offered by Portify. Flex Finance allows you to get quick financing, even if your earnings are volatile. Flex Finance is a safety net that allows users to withdraw up to £150 interest-free. 

Screenshot of £150 interest-free loan being granted through Flex Finance from credit builder app Portify
Flex Finance by Portify

Flex Finance repayments are completely flexible and on your terms, you can repay in installments, or pay the entire amount back the next day!

To find out more about Flex Finance go to the Portify homepage.


Lauren Robson is the digital communications manager at Portify.
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